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2019年5月16日星期四,我们将对辉立期货部分的交易平台进行系统维护。 POEMS 2.0,POEMS Professional(PATS)和Phillip Nova(旧称Phillip Futures Mobile)的登录连接将于2019年5月16日星期四早上5点45分至早上7点 (新加坡时间) 暂时停用。


  • 大宗商品交易室: +65 6576 9810
  • 外汇交易室: +65 6536 7200
  • 期货交易室: +65 6535 1155


如需技术支持,您可以拨打(65) 6531 1788联系我们的24小时技术支持服务台,或发送电子邮件至。如有任何其他疑问,您可以致电(65) 6538 0500或发送电子邮件至联系客户服务台。


尊敬的客户: 芝商所将于2019年5月6日(下周一)推出微型E-迷你期货合约。 正式交易于新加坡时间该日早上6点开始。 自1997年推出E-迷你产品系列以来,这些合同的名义价值随着时间大幅增加。例如E-迷你标普500合约的名义价值从每份合约47,000美元增加到现在146,000美元。同时,我们发现这些合约入市门槛逐渐升高给个人投资者入市造成较高的门槛,因此芝商所适时推出了这些微型E-迷你期货合约。 



  • 以小额资金控制大合约额,更灵活地调整以降低交易风险
  • 以十分之一的E-迷你合约的合约规模交易且享受近24小时的交易
  • 交易所对同时持有微型E-迷你期货合约和对应的基准指数期货之间有保证金的优惠减免
  • 该微型合同可以与其所对应的E-迷你期货合约完全互换


如果您对于此产品的交易有任何疑问,欢迎您拨打 (+65) 6538 0500或者发送电子邮件至 联系我们的客户经理或我们的客户服务中心,我们将竭诚为您服务。

Phillip MetaTrader 5 Web is now available.

Phillip MetaTrader 5 Web is now available. With internet connection, you can trade on any device using a web browser and enjoy all features of the MT5 platform. Phillip MT5 Web is supported by both PC and Mac OS. To login to Phillip MT5 Web, visit now.

Market Holiday Schedule May 2019

Please note the updated May 2019 Market Holiday Schedule:

Market Holiday Operating Hours for May 2019

Change of Last Trading Date Due To Indian General Election on 29 April

The Indian rupee will not be traded on Monday, 29 April 2019, as it has been declared as a General Election Day for India. Hence, the last trading day for the SGX INR/USD Futures and Options will be brought forward to Thursday, 25 April 2019.

Should you have any query, you may call our Client Service Desk at (65) 6538 0500 or email

Market Holiday Schedule Apr 2019

Please note the updated Apr 2019 Market Holiday Schedule:

Market Holiday Operating Hours for April 2019

Cboe目前不打算列出额外的比特币期货合约 (XBT)

芝加哥期权交易所的子公司Cboe期货交易所(CFE)上周表示,并不会在2019年3月添加新的Cboe比特币(美元)(“XBT”)期货合约。目前上市的比特币期货合约仍可供交易。这意味着已上市的合同中,最后上市的XBTM9将于6月到期, 而最后交易日(XBTM9)是2019年6月19日。有关详细信息,请参阅此处的Cboe发表的声明

Change To US Exchange Trading Hours 2019

Due to the start of Daylight Saving Time in the U.S on 11 March 2019, the trading hours for US Exchanges will be brought forward by 1 hour.
Please refer to the respective exchange website for the updated trading hours.

Temporary Changes in Trading Hours ICE US & Europe due to DST

Please note temporary changes in trading hours for ICE US and ICE Europe from 11 Mar to 29 Mar 2019, due to Daylight Saving Time (DST).

Temporary opening time:

  • Sugar No. 11: 4:30 pm SG time
  • Coffee “C”: 5:15 pm SG time
  • Cocoa: 5:45 pm SG time
  • White Sugar: 4.45pm SG time
  • Brent Futures: 8am SG Time
  • WTI Futures: 8am SG Time
  • LS Gasoil Futures: 8am SG Time

To view notice on the change of trading hours from ICE US, click here.

To view notice on the change of trading hours from ICE Europe, click here.

Should you have any query, you may contact our Client Service Desk at +65 6538 0500 or email


CME GLOBEX had earlier reported outage. The issue has since been resolved.

Please note the following reopening times: 

All markets on CME Globex will pre-open at 11:15 AM SGT and Open at 11:45 AM SGT.

BMD markets will open at 11:15 AM SGT and open at 11:30 PM SGT.

All day and session orders, including GTDs with today's date will be canceled. All GTCs that have been acknowledged will remain working.

Clients with discrepancies in their orders should contact Phillip Dealing Desk for further clarification.