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CME to Launch Micro E-mini Futures on Monday, 6 May 2019

Dear Valued Customers,

CME Group will be launching the Micro E-mini futures contract on Monday, 6 May 2019. Trading commences at 6.00am (SGT).

Since the launch of the E-mini product suite in 1997, the notional value of these contracts have increased dramatically. As a reference, the notional value of E-mini S&P had grown from USD47,000 per contract to the current value of USD146,000. Similarly, the amount of capital needed to access the market had risen in tandem and has become burdensome for many individual traders. The launch of Micro E-mini futures is hence timely.

Benefits of the Micro E-mini Futures Contract


  • Greater flexibility to fine-tune your market exposure to reduce risk
  • Enjoy nearly 24 hour trading at 1/10th the contract size of E-Mini contracts
  • Margin credits available for offsetting positions between the Micro E-Mini futures and CME Group’s major benchmark index futures
  • Contract is fungible with their E-mini counterparts

For more details on CME Group's Micro E-mini Futures contract, you may visit this page.

Should you have any query on how to begin trading, you may contact your Account Manager, or our Client Service Desk at 6538 0500 or email