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Market Trends

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5 reasons you need to invest in China now

In the late 1970s, China liberalised its state-run economy and initiated a series of market reforms. Consequently, the country witnessed a several decades-long economic boom that lifted more than 800 million of its people out of poverty.

But Chinese economic growth has been losing its momentum of late. The rise in GDP has fallen from 10%+ every year to a more subdued 6% to 7%. In 2016, GDP grew by 6.7%. The government is targeting a growth rate of 6.5% for 2016-20. Although this is lower than what the country has achieved in the past, it is substantially more than the rate at which western economies are expanding.

In this environment, is it prudent to invest in China?

Several factors indicate that the China story is far from over. In fact, the country could be at the beginning of the second phase of its growth. This time around, economic expansion would be fuelled by its large middle class and a new wave of measures that could help to reinvigorate the economy.

The five points listed below indicate that the next phase of China’s economic growth may be just about to begin.

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