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Fundamental Analysis of Currency Trading

14 May 2019
Tuesday 7:00pm - 8:00pm
250 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179101 (Please use Raffles City Tower visitor entrance)

In the stock market, we look at financial reports to a company's value. In the currency market, fair value of a currency is assessed using the country's macroeconomy and economic data. All political events, news reports and data released will  be scrutinized for the general health of an economy, which leads to fluctuation in its currency, but how exactly are these information analyzed?

In this seminar, we will cover some economic events and trends, and basic Fundamental Analysis that every new Forex trader should be aware of. 


Puar Si Ying

Bachelor of Science (Finance)

Si Ying is an account executive with Phillip Futures.

As trading leveraged products is a high risk investment, she ensures new investors start off on the right foot with regards to dealing with losses and ideal prices to realize profits. The appropriate attitude should be cultivated from the beginning for trading to be sustainable in the long run.

While the internet contains a wealth of information, it can be pretty challenging and disorientating to sift through the pile of information and determine what's reliable and what's not. Register for a complimentary 1-1 coaching session to help ease you into the learning process and direct you to the necessary information you need to know.