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One-to-One Coaching

For newcomers to trading or if you would just like to learn more about Futures, Forex or Options trading and the opportunities available, simply sign up for a free one-to-one coaching with our experienced consultants. Gain the required confidence and product knowledge to place your first trade. Choose a timing to your convenience and register for your session today.

Kenny Kan

Name: Kenny Kan Kenny Kan
Gender: Male
Qualification: Licensed Representative (MAS), Bachelor of Science (Hons) University of Bradford
Experience: Has prior experience as a dealer, for both local and international financial institutions, and has experience in financial index, commodities, treasury markets and forex. Kenny has also previously served as a Market Analyst. As such he has experience providing regular commentary on events and developments in the financial markets.
Markets Covered: ✔ Stock Indices
✔ Commodities
✔ Spot Forex
✔ Energy
✔ Metals
Topics: - Trend following on futures trading
- Short-term FX scalping
Available Time Slots: Weekdays (10.00AM - 6.00PM)

Successful trading requires consistency and risk management. With a proper trading system and risk management techniques, trading can be made sustainable in the long term. Attend a 1 to 1 coaching session, to improve your trading techniques. As a coach, I will walk you through how to manage your risk by utilising order types such as Market, Limit, Stop and OCO.


Clients will be provided with: 

1) Daily market news / 如何处理及分析繁多重复的基本信息

2) Personalised trading ideas and market outlook /分析当今市场走势及发展方向

3) Investment strategies, coaching and technical analysis/ 投资策略及技术分析