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One-to-One Coaching

For newcomers to trading or if you would just like to learn more about Futures, Forex or Options trading and the opportunities available, simply sign up for a free one-to-one coaching with our experienced consultants. Gain the required confidence and product knowledge to place your first trade. Choose a timing to your convenience and register for your session today.

Bryan Lum

Name: Bryan Lum Bryan Lum
Gender: Male
Qualification: Licensed Representative (MAS), Bachelor of Business Administration and a Major in Finance
Experience: Has prior experience trading inter-exchange arbitrage strategies in Asian equity index futures, and relative value spreads in the short term interest rate and bond markets. He has also developed algorithms used for market making and low latency trade execution. On his individual portfolio, Bryan has traded in stocks, CFDs and Foreign Exchange. In addition, he has been interviewed live on Mediacorp’s news radio station 938Live.
Markets Covered: ✔ Stock Indices
✔ Commodities
✔ Spot Forex
✔ Energy
Topics: Trend Trading Forex Markets with Fibonacci
Available Time Slots: Weekdays (10.00AM - 5.00PM)

Successful trading requires consistency and risk protection. With a proper trading system and risk management techniques, trading can be made sustainable in the long term. After the 1 to 1 coaching session, clients will learn the knowledge needed before initiating a new position and the time frame most suitable for the individual. Clients will be provided with daily market news, personalised trading ideas and technical analysis.