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Go Mobile, Trade & Win!

According to a research conducted by JP Morgan, 61% of institutional traders are extremely or somewhat likely to use a mobile trading app in 2018, up from 31% the previous year. For retail or individual traders, mobile trading offers the pure ease of being able to trade anytime and anywhere. Simply put, being away from your desk may mean that you miss the chance to make a profitable trade.

This brings us to the benefits of trading on a mobile platform.

Convenience and speed

As Ms Fanti Apriliana Dwi, sales and marketing director at Phillip Futures puts it, the main benefits of trading on mobile are simply, "convenience and speed". She explained, "For many people, the mobile phone has become a portable workstation. The powerful idea of simply whipping out your phone no matter where you are to place a trade brings electronic trading to a new level for retail clients."

Staying updated with live news feeds

With accessibility to the most up to date news releases, time taken for traders to manage their positions becomes greatly shortened, reducing possible stress that could be experienced during market movements. In forex trading for example, short-term movements in the value of a currency are strongly influenced by economic and political data. If you want to profit from new developments, it is essential that you place your orders as soon as a particular news report is issued. Economic data also has a direct effect on investments. Interest rate announcements by the US Fed, unemployment data issued by the US Labor Department, and business confidence surveys can lead to volatile price movements in the US dollar, for instance. There are also other types of news reports that a mobile trading app can help you to track, including a country's trade balance figures, inflation rate, and even retail sales figures.

The powerful idea of simply whipping out your phone no matter where you are to place a trade brings electronic trading to a new level for retail clients.

Go Mobile, Trade & Win!

With the benefits of mobile trading in mind, and to encourage retail clients to trade using their mobile phones, Phillip Futures is running a Go Mobile, Trade & Win! promotion from now until 5 October 2018. As part of the Asian broker's 35th Anniversary celebration, a total of 6 premium mobile phones will be given away in a lucky draw. Clients simply have to trade using any of Phillip Futures' mobile platforms, namely the Phillip MetaTrader 5 mobile, Phillip FX365 mobile, POEMS Mobile, and Phillip Futures Mobile, and they may stand a chance to walk away with an iPhone X or a Samsung Galaxy S9.

Ms Fanti Apriliana Dwi said, "This promotion is to celebrate how far we have come in our advancement to fully integrate technology into our operations, so that we may continue to service our clients in the best way possible."

More details about the promotion can be found at

Phillip Futures hopes to see more adoption of their mobile trading platforms, and they are expecting a 10% increase in volume across all 4 platforms with this promotional campaign.