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Promotions (zh-CN)

We are delighted to offer you attractive promotions and commission rebates, exclusively for our Phillip Futures clients. Explore our latest offerings below.

Trade Gold For Gold (zh-CN)

*Please refer to the disclaimer below.

Physical gold/silver has always been seen as an attractive asset. Now you can begin your very own physical gold and/or silver collection when you trade spot gold/silver with Phillip Futures. From 2 May 2016 to 30 June 2017, stand to receive premium gold/silver when you trade spot gold/silver (regular, mini and micro) with Phillip Futures.

What's New?

To bring greater access to our Trade Gold For Gold promotion, we have launched a new 1 oz spot gold (micro-lot) contract on the Phillip FX365 platform, added the 1 oz Silver Medallion to the list of premium bullion items that you can be eligible for when you trade spot gold/silver in a promotional month.

Trade spot gold/silver. Begin your physical gold collection with Phillip Futures! Should you have any query, you may Marketing Desk at (65) 6538 0500 or email

How to receive premium physical gold?

The following table below highlights the number of spot gold/silver lots you would have to trade in a promotional month to be eligible for the premium gold:


1 oz Silver

Gold Dollar Note*

1 gram

2.5 gram

5 gram

Regular Gold / Silver*

10 lots
and above

20 lots
and above

50 lots
and above

100 lots
and above

200 lots
and above

Mini Gold/Silver* (POEMS)

35 lots
and above

70 lots
and above

125 lots
and above

250 lots
and above

500 lots
and above

Micro Gold/Silver^ (FX365)

350 lots
and above

700 lots
and above

1250 lots
and above

2500 lots
and above

5000 lots
and above

*Applicable only for trades done from July 2016.
^Mini lots on Phillip FX365 will be converted to Micro lots from 5 September 2016. 1 mini lot gold is equivalent to 10 micro lots of gold. 1 mini silver lot is equivalent to 20 micro lots of silver.The monthly total for micro lots traded for FX365 clients will include the mini trades done on the 1st and 2nd September 2016. 

#Applicable only for trades done from January 2017.

An example of the Gold Dollar Note you stand to receive:

An Example of the silver you stand to receive:




Gold/Silver Direct Investment (zh-CN)

*Please refer to the disclaimer below.

Receive a Special Lunar New Year Themed Rooster Gold-Plated Medallion Set when you invest in just 1 lot of Gold/Silver Direct. Learn more now!

What's Gold/Silver Direct?

Gold/Silver Direct is a low-leverage investment product to invest in gold/silver.

Why Invest In Gold/Silver Direct

Gold/Silver Direct provides the investor with the following benefits:

  • Low leverage (less than 1.2x)
  • No hidden cost (such as early closure fee, account maintenance fee, commission, storage fee and minimum balance fee)
  • Available round the clock (24 hours a day, 5 days a week)
  • Able to hedge against short-term downward trend (short-sell)
  • Receive a Special Lunar New Year Themed Rooster Gold-Plated Medallion Set when you invest in 1 lot today.

An example of the 24k gold-plated medallion set with NETS Flashpay you stand to receive: